Earth Hates Me: True Confessions from a Teenage Girl by Ruby Karp – BOOK REVIEW


This book is a well written account by 16 year old Ruby of her teen experiences and troubles. Many topics are covered throughout, all of which, as a 20 year old I related and encountered within my teens, including relationships, friendships, school stress and social media. Not only are her experiences reflective of the technology in the modern world, but they are told in a comedic way which made me giggle to myself throughout.

I definitely preferred the stories and her personal experiences which she mentioned throughout, as opposed to the advice and wisdom which she gave to fellow teens that may read this book. I found this advice generic and cliche, e.g. “ignore what other people have to say about you” etc, although it may be helpful to younger teens/preteens if they hear it from a teenager as opposed to their parents for example. It’s still interesting to hear what Ruby has learned and her personal experiences, despite being 16, and would love to see if she thinks the same when she is slightly older.

It is clear that Ruby is very successful in what she does, including comedy (which is reflected in the book), and I think she should be really proud of herself for writing such a well thought out book with maturity and wisdom beyond her years. I also loved how she mentioned that as a white, straight, Jewish girl, her teen experiences are likely to be very different than other teens and thought this was a nice touch to add. Although every teen may have similar experiences, there is no “right” way to be a teen and thought this was important to mention.

Overall I would recommend this if it sounds like something you may enjoy, especially to younger teens. It’s fast-paced, quick and easy to read and understand!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Have you read this book? Are you planning to?

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