Mountain by Ursula Pflug – BOOK REVIEW

mountain.pngMountain by Ursula Pflug tells the story of Camden O’Connor as she arrives at a camp with her mother, Laureen, a community isolated from outside communication and living a “basic” and “healing” life. Throughout we follow Camden as she gets to know the other members of the community and try and solve the mystery behind her Mum who has suddenly vanished.

This book had an interesting concept and idea that I thought was very unique! I liked the idea of a community living a basic lifestyle (which makes it completely different to other YA books) and was refreshing to see a book which was set in such a different context. I also liked Camden as a character and found her endearing and very likeable. It was also great to see the different stories and backgrounds of the other members in the community and gave an insight into the different reasons why everyone was there.

I did however, think the ending of this book was a little sudden, almost as if it was rushed. I don’t think it came to a natural end and even within the 100 or so pages of this book, the characters felt very real and I feel this book would have been slightly better if the ending was described more or prolonged a little more. The story was progressing well and then suddenly, the last chapter offered a “2 years later” viewpoint of what had happened between them two years (when Camden was 17 and in the camp, and at present at 19). I feel this could have been explained in a better way and there was no reason as to why there was this sudden 2 years later time gap.

I would recommend this book if you were looking for something a little bit different in YA, especially because it is such a short read, but would be aware of the sudden and sometimes confusing timeline and ending.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Have you read this book? Are you planning to?

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