Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse: And Other Lessons From Modern Life by David Mitchell – BOOK REVIEW

david mitchell.pngI love David Mitchell and usually find him hilarious, but was disappointed with this book. It took me a long time to read (over a week, rather than the usual one sitting I read books in) because I just couldn’t get into it and didn’t find the chapters that engaging or thrilling. It also was no where near as funny as I was expecting and whilst there certainly was a few funny bits, it was certainly not on the level I was hoping for. He talks about a variety of subjects from Politics to TV but I just didn’t find them very interesting and a lot of the things were already topics/jokes he has spoken about before so it was nothing new. Quite disappointed, but still a fan of his in everything else he does.

Have you read this book? Are you planning to?

Let me know in the comments!


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