God Is A Woman by Michael Tavon – BOOK REVIEW

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Price Jones is young, handsome, and already spirraling down the drain in a sea of alcohol. He chooses sex as his release, indiscriminate and plentiful, and for that he paid the price in many ways.The young novelist carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and wants nothing more than to be loved and the warmth of a woman’s touch.

After losing his mother to a heroin overdose Price finds himself in a precarious situation of loving two beautiful women simultaneously. A predicament he must resolve before life gets messier than it already is.

Can Price finally learn to respect himself? Will he finally spread his wings and fly? Is Iris the muse he needs to feed his creative and soul-deep need to be his version of a good man? Will she be the wind beneath his wings? Or will it be Benu the woman to sparks the light to his soul? Or will the trauma from his childhood keep Price from accepting love all together?

GOD IS A WOMAN is a heartfelt tale of one man’s journey toward self-destruction that could only be halted by one special woman. The story proves how a woman can be the driving force to a man’s personal growth. And how a woman’s God-like nature can provide the substance to a man’s heart and belief.

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

God Is A Woman by Michael Tavon, definitely has an interesting premise – that of a young man spiralling out of control into a world of alcohol, after the failure of his recently released novel. He realises his life is a mess – he frequently has sex with any woman who is willing to, yet yearns for the comfort and stability of a loving and caring partner. Initially, this gave me MAJOR ‘High Fidelity’ by Nick Hornby, vibes. I’m a massive fan of Nick Hornby and was therefore really excited to get stuck into this book.

Whilst the plot was a great idea, I feel it was a little rushed and sometimes disjointed in places. This book is just over 150 pages long, but I feel it would have been more successful if it was twice the length as this would have allowed for a better flow and further explanation in places. For example, Price found out that his Mum had died, showed little emotion and acknowledgement of this, and then had sex with someone, all within a few pages. Whilst this certainly didn’t take away from the plot itself, a few more details and description throughout, certainly wouldn’t have hurt!

I did however, like the protagonist, Price, as he was a very unique character and very well written, with a personality which developed over the course of the novel. I like reading about characters that seem real and have real life problems (don’t we all?!) and in that aspect, made him quite relatable, even though most people’s situation are very different from his. This book is full of references to sex, drugs, alcohol and relationships and this lack of hiding problems which are very real, made it a dark, yet compelling read.

Overall, this definitely had an interesting premise and plot and if it sounds like your sort of thing, then I would recommend it! It’s a very quick read and a little bit different in terms of the plot and personality of characters – even if it is slightly disjointed with gaps in places. I do however, hope there are more Price Jones’ novels to follow as I would like to see where this all develops!


Have you read this book? Are you planning to?

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