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Hello everyone – Welcome back to my blog! Today I have a Q&A for you – featuring Amy Jade from Pursuit of Wonderland! She created the questions for me and here are my answers! She also has a Q&A on her blog, where I came up with the questions and she answers, so go and check that out! Amy Jade is lovely and her blog is wonderful so definitely follow her if you haven’t already!

Link to Pursuit of Wonderland’s:     Q&A      Blog      Twitter      Instagram

And now for the Q&A!


What made you decide to become a book blogger?

I’ve been reading book blogs and watching booktube videos for several years now but I always felt like something was missing – I wanted to be more involved with this fantastic community! I created a book blog about a year ago but rarely posted anything because I was in a fairly big reading slump, so decided to start all over about a month ago! I’m definitely more active this time, even if I don’t have as much time as I’d like to dedicate to   blogging, but it’s been incredible to meet such passionate people and I’m so glad I started my book blog – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!


How many books do you read a week? 

This varies so much! My Goodreads target for the year was 52 books and I achieved this a couple of weeks ago – averaging about 2 books a week. Saying that, I only read 2 books in the whole of January and February (I was in a massive reading slump!) and read 26 books in the whole of June (nearly one a day) so it fluctuates a lot according to how I’m feeling and what other work I have planned. As much as I want reading to be a priority, unfortunately sometimes it can’t, so it does depend on what else I have to do.


You’re allowed to read one book for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 

This is so hard. I automatically think of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee as that’s my favourite book and I currently own 33 different editions (it’s become an obsession!). The messages and morals in To Kill A Mockingbird are something which I firmly believe in so it would be great to read again and again. I also think you can take so many different things from it, so I’ll always take something new, no matter how many times I read it.


Is there an upcoming release you’re most excited for? 

There actually aren’t that many books I’m excited for release. I tend to wait for books to be released for a certain amount of time before I read them so I can check out what other people think, and I’m always so behind in my TBR that I try and read the books I have before finding new ones to read – although this doesn’t always work! I am however, looking forward to Holly Bourne’s new book – It Only Happens In The Movies – because she is one of my favourite authors and I’m attending the London Piccadilly event for this book too so that will be fantastic! There, I will finally get the chance to meet up with several other book bloggers for the first time– including Amy Jade who sent these questions, so I’m very excited for this book for a number of reasons!


What do you think of the trend of making books into films? If you enjoy them, what is your favourite?

I’m not a huge fan of films so don’t tend to watch many films at all – especially book related films as these tend to be fantasy (or likewise genres) which I don’t enjoy reading or watching. I do think it is awesome to share stories which are loved by the book community to a wider audience – only if it’s pulled off well though! I do think that sometimes the original book gets forgotten and people praise the film a lot – but without the book, the film would not exist! People tend to dismiss the book as boring etc etc but when it’s the same storyline as a film, everyone gets super hyped about. I don’t know, I guess I have mixed feelings but it does hugely depend on what it is!


Outside of blogging, what else do you do? 

Usually I’m pretty busy in my spare time, either working or volunteering somewhere, or at university where I have a lot of work to do, but when I do have some spare time, I do like to go and see musicals! I have a slight obsession! Once I saw 4 musicals in two days (It was amazing!). Kinky Boots and The Girls are definitely my favourite two I’ve seen, but I have a special place in my heart for MANY MANY musicals. I’m seeing Hamilton 4 times next year so I’m super excited for that too!


What’s your favourite TV show or film? 

I don’t really watch TV that much but I do enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Modern Family, and I’ve recently got into Parks and Recreation (it’s so great, isn’t it?!). As for films, I like Pride because it has a great message and The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Mean Girls because they always cheer me up – I can nearly recite them word for word!


Do you have any goals you would like to complete by the end of the year?

I have a few goals, not necessarily for the end of the year, but one’s I’d like to achieve in the near future. I’d like to finish my Historical Fiction WIP soon (I’m going to be writing a blog post on this soon), keep up my university grades, read 100 books (I’ve just increased my Goodreads goal from 52 – which I achieved – to 100 so hopefully!) and start volunteering somewhere book related!


Where would you like to visit most in the world? 

I’ve been to a few countries before but haven’t really ventured outside of Europe so I’d like to do that. Venezuela is definitely up there because of the beautiful scenery, Japan for the culture and Canada – just because! I’ve been to Iceland before and I really liked it there so I’d like to go again but for a bit longer as well!


Finally, you’re stranded on an island and only have three things with you, what are they? 

I’m going to ignore all the “helicopter” “boat” and “plane” type of answers and assume I can’t escape (because we’d all rather escape wouldn’t we?!). I’d choose…

  1. My Kindle and a solar-powered charger – I have over 500 unread books on my kindle (oops), so being stranded on an island would be a fantastic opportunity to catch up with my TBR. I also have copies of my favourite books on there too, so I’d have plenty of choice and have a variety of books depending on what I fancy reading.
  2. My art supplies – Whenever I paint, I seem to lose track of time so this would be a perfect way to pass the time on an island. I’d also love to improve some of my skills, which I don’t usually have time for and I could also keep a diary/write a story, with the paper too.
  3. A photo album of some of my favourite memories – I feel this would be a small comfort to me and it would cheer me up whenever I looked at them, despite the stranded island situation!



And that’s it for the Q&A! Again, thank you so much to Amy Jade for thinking of the questions – and definitely go and check her out if you haven’t already! All the links will be down below! And feel free to answer any of the questions on your blog – I’d love to see you answers! Until next time!


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Link to Pursuit of Wonderland’s:

    Q&A      Blog      Twitter      Instagram


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