Burger by Carol J. Adams – BOOK REVIEW


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“Object Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things.

The burger, long the All-American meal, is undergoing an identity crisis. From its shifting place in popular culture to the efforts, by investors like Bill Gates, to seek to find the non-animal burger that can feed the world, the burger’s identity has become as malleable as that patty of protein, itself, before it is thrown on a grill. Carol Adams’s Burger is a fast-paced and eclectic exploration of the history, business, cultural dynamics and gender politics of the ordinary hamburger.”


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Burger by Carol J. Adams is a short book which tells the history of the burger, from it’s origins and definitions, to the huge rise in consumerism with companies such as McDonalds. It also looked at what the future will hold for this food and the rise in plant-based diets and what this means for a food that is such a staple for many diets across the world.
It was interesting to read about the culture and consumerism which surrounds the burger and it’s clear that this book was very well researched and gave a great insight. This book is fairly short, which makes it a great read to learn something new about a very niche item.


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