Q&A with Lisa Lagaly! #IndieAThon

lisa lagaly.pngAs #IndieAthon comes closer to end, I was lucky enough host a Q&A with Lisa Lagaly, author of various works including Rabiah: the Gift, Rabiah: Power and Rabiah: Stones. I will leave the links to Lisa’s pages down below if you would like to check them out! Now onto the Q&A!

Tell us a little about yourself

I was born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma but have lived in Maryland almost half my life.  My Mom says I’ve been writing since I was five. I used to lay on the kitchen floor and ask her to spell words.  I majored in science in college and that is my primary job, but stories still pop into my head on occasion.

What’s one thing you would have liked to have known when you first started writing?

I can’t think of anything.  I haven’t been doing this long, so perhaps I haven’t learned that all-important something that I should have known when I started.  That said, something I wish I had known as I tried to write things through the years, is that every writer is different. What works for one writer may not work for others.  I have tried making character sheets and plotting out the story line and gotten nowhere. The story that worked and is still going was all about the characters. I didn’t know how the story was going to end when I started writing – I still don’t.  I know what their world is like though and how people react, so I try to imagine how each character will react in their situation.

What are you the proudest of in your writing career?

Actually writing a book.  Every time I hold a new book in my hand for the first time, tears come to my eyes.  It’s really silly since I ordered them and I know they’re coming and they’re always the proof versions and still need editing, but I can’t help it.

What is it like to indie/self-publish your book?

Fun, discouraging.  Fun because I love stories and I enjoy making the covers.  With my first book, I was so interested in the story that I didn’t read anything else for months because nothing else was as interesting.  Discouraging because it’s really hard to sell them or even give them away. When I do give my books away it’s hard to get feedback. Those that have responded say they really liked them, but sometimes I wonder if they’re just being nice.  On a positive note, my 80-year-old father has read all three and I’ve never seen him read a book in my life. On the other hand, my husband couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters of my first book. But then, I’ve never seen him read a book either.


Lisa’s:           Goodreads          Amazon          Website

Again, a huge thank you to Lisa for taking part in the Q&A!

Marie x

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