Q&A with Molly Lovell! #IndieAthon

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Even though #IndieAthon is now officially over, it’s so important to read Indie books/books by ‘small’ publishers all year round and support everyone in the book community. Today. I’m lucky enough to be hosting a Q&A with Molly Lovell, author of several books including A Sibling’s Dilemma, and her most recent novel, Mel and the Mob. Now for the Q&A!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself

A: My name is Molly Lovell and I’m a law student at William and Mary and a novelist (obviously or I you wouldn’t be reading this, haha!) I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the whole wide world because everywhere I seem to go, I meet amazing people. My love for meeting and interacting with people is what inspires me to write. I like making up characters and putting them in cool and interesting situations. The characters I make are never directly people I know, but knowing different types of people helps me make well-rounded and authentic characters.

Q: What is one story you’ve always wanted to write?

A: I always wanted to write a story that impacts someone the way that my favorite book impacted me. Seriously, I loved Stephen King’s 11.22.63 and I hope to write something half as epic as that. Not so much on the time-traveling romantic thriller front, but on the I-can’t-put-this-down front.

Right now I’m having a little bit of a writer’s block. I have an idea for a college-themed murder-mystery thriller, but I still need to flesh out the characters and plot.

I have this story in me that I started when I was younger called Unakarie’s Tale. It’s changed a lot throughout my life and I kind of want to write that too, but whenever I start it I get distracted by a new project, which I actually end up finishing. I’m actually okay with having a writer’s block right now because I find that plots for books just sort of hit me randomly and then I write like a mad woman, haha!

Q: What are you the proudest of in your writing career?

A: My proudest moment in my writing career was when I got published by Solstice, an indie publisher based in the mid-western United States. It just felt great to have someone who isn’t me or my family actually like my story—especially enough to take a chance on it and invest editors and stuff to clean it up and make it better. It’s been a great journey and I’ve loved meeting all these different authors.

Q: What is it like to indie/self-publish your book?

A: Well, I’m not independently published because Solstice picked up my book and they’re my publisher, but being published by a small publisher that isn’t in the “big five” publishers is like being an indie author in that we need to be small business owners. We need to be our own advocates and manage both writing new stories and marketing the stories we already have out. That aspect of it can be challenging, especially because I’m so busy with law school these days.

It’s been an awesome journey and, if you have a story in you that you want to write, give it a shot and write it out. Someone once told me “you miss 100% of the shots you never take,” and that’s so true. Go out there and write your novel! 

A Sibling's DilemmaMel and the Mob (The Misadventures of Mel Jones Book 1)

Molly’s:            Goodreads           Amazon           Website             Twitter

Again, a massive thank you to Molly for taking part in our Q&A!

Marie x

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