My Bullet Journal – A Disney Movie Spread!

disney bullet journal.PNG

Hey everybody! As some of you may know, I’ve been loving my bullet journal recently and have been pretty good at keeping it up (I keep my weekly spread very simple so I don’t have to worry about making it look pretty etc!). However, at the back of my bullet journal, I keep spreads for things such as movies, books and monthly trackers, which are typically things that don’t need updating often but are my more aesthetically pleasing pages!

Recently, I decided to make a spread for Disney animated movies! Growing up, I rarely watched TV as my parents encouraged me to take up other hobbies (such as reading!!), but this does mean that my TV and film knowledge is VERY limited. I see people saying how much they love Disney movies all the time, so I really want to catch up with all the films that I have missed in my childhood. I created this very simple spread to keep track of the Disney animated movies as I watch them. I’ve only seen 11/114 (I know, the shame!), so would love any recommendations of where to start. I would also love to know how many you’ve watched! I’m thinking of sharing some more pages of my bullet journal, so if that’s something you’d like to see more of, let me know in the comments as well!

Marie x

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  1. I’ve only watched 66 of these I think which is so bad considering I’m a huge Disney fan! I’ve got all the classics on Blu-Ray now and I absolutely love them! I don’t even know where to tell you to start because there are so many amazing ones! Some of my favourites you haven’t seen yet are: Wreck It Ralph, The Princess and The Frog, Moana and Robin Hood! You must watch The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast they’re my two favourite princess films! The most underrated one in my opinion is The Hunchback of Notre Dame it’s amazing! I’d love to hear what you think of them when you’ve watched them!

    Jess //

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  2. I already said this on twitter, but I absolutely love this spread!😍 April is the first month I’ve attempted to do a bullet journal (and let’s just say the result is definitly not worthy of pictures😂). I would love to do a spread like your – or with marvel films!


  3. Hmm, well you could go in order of when they came out; that’s always interesting to see the improvement (or perhaps lack of improvement?). Plus that way you remember the newer ones better once you finish, since they’ll be more fresh on the mind, and then you can talk more about those ones like everyone else. Or you could always just pick one at random, in a number of ways (flipping a coin to determine which section to choose from, using a random chooser to pick a title that starts with a certain letter, etc.). I should maybe do this too because I, like you, don’t have much movie/show knowledge x’D also, I love the drawings!

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  4. This is sooooo pretty! And I know exactly how you’re feeling. We didn’t have a TV when I grew up, so I never watched these movies either. And sometimes I really feel like I missed out on something. So I will (shamelessly) take your list and join you on your catch-up marathon. Have you already watched some since you posted this?

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